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We are constantly engaged in the design and development of new and innovative aluminium panels as well as improving our existing range of aluminium panels with a view to enhancing our competitiveness and providing better products to our customers.

To ensure market acceptance of our products, we interact regularly with our customers to understand the market trends and their specific product requirements. With this knowledge, we will then be able to better enhance existing products and develop new and innovative products that are acceptable to the industry.

Over these years, we have been able to progressively introduce aluminium panels of different colors and surface finishes to cater to customers' needs. The results of our efforts can be found under Aluminium Single Panels Product Description.

Our R&D objective is to identify the latest and most technologically advanced production techniques ranging from co-extrusion, composition and fabrication to coating and finishing. We are constantly taking active steps to improve our existing production process to be more efficient and cost effective as well as develop new production processes to support the development of new and innovative products.

In addition, we work with relevant research institutes such as Xi'an Communication University and Shanghai Fudan University.