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Our Aluminium Composite Panel is a technologically advanced and versatile building materials for use in various applications such as curtain wall and wall cladding, whose unique features facilitate creative architecture.

It offers modern, creative and practical design possibilities for a variety of applications including panel for modern high-rise buildings satisfying the requirements of architects, engineers, contractors and building owners.

Over the years, our Aluminium Composite Panels have therefore been increasingly used by architects, engineers and design contractors, substituting conventional building exterior and interior finishes such as granite and marbles and glass panels.


Ability to be worked into a variety of shapes, the panel is suitable for increased demand for better design and architecture. It enables curved surfaces to be wrapped in striking colours to create a new elegance in buildings and constructions.

Our material is also rigid, light in weight and durable and has good heat and sound insulating properties.

Other properties of our Aluminium Composite Panels include ease of maintenance, suitability for all four seasons, ease of machining and construction, fire retardant, quake proof, surface flatness, high resistance to corrosion and therefore will not rust to stain adjacent surfaces and non-toxic.

Our Aluminium Composite Panels possess several advantages over granite and marbles and glass, which were commonly used as cladding materials for buildings. For example, our Aluminium Composite Panel is lighter and easier to work into various shapes and install.

Marble may also be used, however, it is generally more expensive as it is more labour intensive and difficult to transport due to its weight. In addition, the building must be designed to be structurally stronger to withstand the weight of exterior marble claddings thereby increasing the overall building and construction costs.

For glass, the risk of shattering may render it unsuitable for use as external wall claddings. Our Aluminium Composite Panels, given its high tensile strength and rigidity is not fragile.

Our Aluminium Composite Panels can also come in different colours and is also a better material compared to glass panels given that it is easier to install, has lower light reflectivity, and contains quake proofing qualities.