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China Haida Ltd. 中国海达国际有限公司
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Listed in Singapore Mainboard (SGX-ST) Since Nov 2004

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We have established a good track record and reputation in the industry

We have established a good track record and reputation in the industry by consistently delivering quality products and providing quality support services to our customers. We have been involved in several high profile projects including, amongst others, the construction of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the Capital Airport in Beijing, the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, the Mao Memorial, and the China Central Broadcasting Station.

In recognition of our Group's efforts in the manufacturing of quality products, we have received several awards for our products over the years. In 2000, we obtained ISO 9002 certification and in 2003, we obtained ISO9001:2000 certification, which symbolise our commitment to international quality standards. In April 2004, we obtained GB/T-24001~ISO14001:1996 certification for our environmental management system.

We have an extensive sales network and strong marketing team

We have an extensive and established sales network in more than 25 major provinces and cities in the PRC. We also have an extensive overseas export network in various countries including United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Israel, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia, USA, Brazil, and Peru. In view of our extensive sales network and strong marketing team, we are well positioned to sell our products to a wide domestic and international market.

We invest in research and development to improve our products

We are continuously seeking to improve the range and quality of our products. We have established working relationships with research institutes to research on and develop technology relating to Aluminium Composite Panels, Aluminium Single Panels and other related products.

We have working relationships with research institutes such as the Xi'an Communication University, the Shanghai Fudan University and other research institutes for the research on and development of these products. As a result of our efforts in research and development, we expect to be able to keep abreast of the changing needs and demands of our customers by providing them with the latest products.

We have an experienced management team

We have an experienced management team led by our Chief Executive Officer, Mr Xu Youcai, who has over 20 years of management experience in the manufacturing industry, and has been instrumental in our growth as a major supplier of Aluminium Composite Panels and Aluminium Single Panels. Other members of our management team include our Chairman, Ms Zhao Guiying who has more than 20 years of experience in the aluminium manufacturing industry. Our Directors are also supported and assisted by an experienced team of Executive Officers comprising Messrs Wang Zaiquan, Gong Guohong, Xu Gang and Zhang Qinyu.

We have been involved in several high profile projects and trusted by renowned entities to supply them the materials for the building of several famous buildings in China and overseas.

We keep abreast of changes providing customers with the latest products